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9 Latino New Year's Eve Superstitions (Agüeros de Fin de Año)

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

New Year's Eve is just around the corner and when talking about this holiday's traditions, Latinos get ready like no other!

A lot of Latinamerican homes are already preparing everything to farewell 2021 and greet 2022 with the best energies. In order to achieve the best conditions to receive the upcoming year, Latinoamericans have a long list of superstitions or how we say, "agüeros" to attract money, love, health and wealth for the Next Year and here we list some of them, so you can perform a few from your home even if you are in New Zealand!

1. Complete House Clanse

Every house's purpose during New Year's Eve is to outcast every little bit of bad energy to receive and in order to do so, Latinos wake up early on the last day of December to perform an intense session of cleaning with some specifications such as:

  • Swipe the floor from inside to outside and NEVER the opposite way.

  • Get rid of things that aren't useful anymore.

  • Washing the furniture.

  • Changing the sheets to clean ones.

The specifications of the cleanse must be followed very precisely since they are meant to expel the bad energies and attract the good ones.

2. Underwear Colour

The things we use while we receive the upcoming year are believed to determine key matters of our life during that year and especially the underwear colour can help you improve certain issues according to what you are looking for so take notes on what you want to achieve on 2022:

  • Red Underwear: If you are looking to be successful in the romantic aspect, you gotta use some piece of Red Underwear, since this one is believed to attract love and passion.

  • Yellow Underwear: The most common underwear colour during New Year's Eve, using a piece of yellow underwear will bring you money and great labour opportunities.

  • White Underwear: White underwear is used to repel all kinds of bad energies or spirits while bringing you good luck and protection from those.

  • Blue Underwear: Although this underwear colour is not as known as the others, using this colour on your underwear will attract good health for you and your household.

3. Running Around the Block with an Empty Case

If you are a travel lover, this tradition is made just for you. It is said that if you want to attract a lot of travel opportunities and trips for the whole year you need to run around the block with an empty case during the first minutes of the New Year. Some people say that according to how much you run around will be proportional to the distance you will travel, so those who want to travel abroad to other continents run around the whole neighbourhood with your suitcase!

4. Eating 12 grapes

Latinos take very seriously their New Year Resolutions so it's normal that as soon as the clock strikes 00:00 of the New Year everyone starts eating grapes, 12 each person to be more precise. Each grape represents a month of the upcoming year and when eating each one you gotta make a wish or a resolution for this year and this tradition will help you achieve it.

5. Burn the "Año Viejo" (Old Year)

It is customary to burn a rag doll, known as an 'Año Viejo', at night. This doll usually represents a little-admired figure from national or international life and has gunpowder inside. The heavy noises of various "Años Viejos" all over the neighbourhood are a pretty characteristic sound of Latinamerican New Year's Eve Celebration.

6. Having Money in your Pockets

No matter the value, the important thing is that the new year doesn't surprise you without money. From very early in the morning, families prepare themselves so that all members of the family keep a good amount of money in their pockets so that there is no lack of abundance during the New Year.

7. Lentils

The Lentils play a really important role in the superstitious culture since they represent abundance and fortune. This is why in some countries the dinner of the celebration MUSN'T LACK of lentils which will be eaten at midnight. Likewise, in other countries, people grab a bunch of lentils to put them inside their pockets (alongside the money) to have them when the clock strikes 00:00. Some persons paste the lentils that were in their pockets the New Year's Eve on a square of ducktape to save them on their wallets during the whole year so they attract money.

8. Ears of Wheat

Whether as an ornament on the New Year's Eve dinner table or carried in the hand, it is very common to have ears of wheat so that prosperity is never lacking in the home. It is also believed to ward off bad energies and protect the family.

9. Hugging Someone from the Opposite Sex

When the New Year arrives, it is best if the person next to you is of the opposite sex. Many people believe this is the best way to ensure that there is always love. If you don't have a partner, this can help you get one; if you already have one, it will be a good year for romance. Whatever the case, a hug always comes in handy!

These superstitions are known and practised in various countries from all over Latin America but not performed in ALL of them, there are some that may or may not be done in some countries and we are sure you know more of them!

Whether you believe in them or not, they are a fun way to share with the family and welcome in the new year, whether it's with travel, good news or something unexpected.

The team of Latino Foods wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy 2022!

Thanks for reading :D

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D. K.
D. K.
6 days ago

I'm really into hispanic superstitions. It's not just because I'm half Latino/Hispanic; it's because they actually make a lot of sense.

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