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The "Cheese Doctor" in New Zealand

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

El Doctor Quesero has mastered the cheese art of cheeses from all over the world, including some iconic Latinamerican cheeses like Campesino and Costeño from Colombia, Fresh Venezuelan Cheese, Chontaleño, Italian and much more! But it doesn't stop there, Doctor Quesero also offers kits for you to make these preparations at home.

cheese in new zealand
Dietrich Truchsess, Doctor Quesero

Doctor Quesero is developed by Dietrich Truchsess the original "Cheese Doctor", a cheese enthusiast, entrepreneur, writer and excellent teacher with a degree in civil engineering, aspiring Latin rhythm pianist. Dietrich has worked in the cheese making field for the past four years and is a social entrepreneur.

Doctor Quesero has his own Youtube channel "DoctorQueseroTV" where he answers questions about all kinds of cheeses, offers courses and classes related to this topic and promotes tips and advice for those starting out in the world of cheese around the world.

Cheese fingers tequeños
Cheese Finger or "Tequeños de Queso" - They Also Have a Guava-Filled Presentation

Today you can find a lot of Doctor Quesero's products in our online store! Such as cheese fingers with or without guava paste on the inside here:

And blocks of tasty and salty Costeño Cheese:

Or even purchase blocks of the soft and creamy Campesino Cheese:

If you find yourself to be interested on the world of cheese and want to learn everything about it, from making it to tasting all the kinds that exist, following Doctor Quesero could be a great start. Don't lose the chance of following Dietrich on Instagram where you'll find him as @doctorquesero, on Facebook as @DoctorQuesero and of course his youtube channel where he is most active, Doctor Quesero TV.

We hope that you become an amazing "Cheese Patient" with all of the Doctor's tips and information you'll fin on his channel.

Thanks for Reading! :D

Latino Foods Team

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