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Kunza Dance Group - Dancing From the Andes to Aoraki

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Directly from the thundering lands next to the Andes, the Chilean people with their distinctive charisma, talent and one of the most accelerated accents all over the Spanish language share to the world a culture that is worth seeing through art, and today we are appreciating the art of dance that Kunza Dance Group has to offer here in New Zealand!

chilean dace group in nz

Kunza Dance Group, a Chilean folkloric group based in Auckland has been performing for more than two years now and it has had the support, interest and participation of the Latino Community among with many recognition of them as well and is looking forward to growing and gaining the acknowledgment of much more Latinos and kiwis all over New Zealand.

chilenos en nz

The group was born only from the idea of a group of friends that shared the passion of representing Latinoamerican and Chilean culture in such a foreign country as New Zealand, and so they did. Although they didn't have much funding neither dance costumes nor external support, only the will to share such a rich culture as theirs in the land where they live now and have received them!

chileans in nz

Today this group counts with a lot of typical dance costumes from all of the 4 zones of the country as they are the North, South, Center and the Easter

Island. The dedication and passion of the group lead them to win last year the category of 'Best Dance Academy' on the Latin Awards! This prize, along with the committed dancers that integrate the group and their whole catalogue of typical dance costumes are the living proof of how far they have come! Actually, the group it's now dabbling in not only Chilean dances but also other Latinoamerican folkloric dances.

Where can you find Kunza Dance Group performing?

Every year this group participates in a whole lot of different events in Auckland, such as:

chile typical dance costumes
  • Auckland Folk Festival

  • Multi-Ethic Dance Festival hosted by the Nepalese Cultural Centre of New Zealand

  • Winter Warmup

  • Multicultural Expo

  • New Zealand Tamil Senior Citizens Association Cultural Event

Also, you can find the Groups performing in a variety of places like:

  • Latin Markets

  • 'Fondas' and Chilean parties

  • Benefaction Events

  • Private Events

As you can see, they are really busy all year long! But especially in September when the Chilean National Holidays take place.

Who Can Join the Dance Group?

Anyone can join Kunza, regardless of nationality or dance experience. What is important to this group is motivation and commitment to participate in rehearsals and performances!

The number of members of this group is variable, currently, there are 12 active people of different nationalities (Chile, Argentina, Colombia, New Zealand) and 6 members approximately of logistical support. Other people that aren't in the group support them when they need backup dancers for an event or when they need any other kind of support.

Kunza Dance Group meets every Monday from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm in a ballroom in Gray Lynn.
chilean food in nz

If you are interested in this Dance Group or wanna join them, then don't miss the chance to follow them on their social media:

Facebook: @kunzaclnz Instagram: E-mail:

Thanks for Reading! :D

Latino Foods Team

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