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Latino Band in Auckland

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Music's written in our DNA and everyone knows it! When any kind of music comes out in the disco, Latinos start shinning with their 'sabor' and our own 'tumbao'. That's why when we are out of our countries, we feel like something is missing and of course that the tropical and danceable rhythms of our music are needed abroad!

Latin entertainment in auckland

Lucky for every Latino based in Auckland, 'Banda Latina' is here! This band, that was born 30 years ago and created by the Peruvian brothers Eduardo and Jorge Sequeiros whose arrived in New Zealand as professionals in very different fields until they saw the need to express themselves through one of their common passions: MUSIC! And so, Banda Latina was born.

Latino band in auckland

During all the Band lifetime, it's had a lot of members from very diverse countries and music genres that have added their own style and good vibe to the band as it is really characteristic of it since they are always aiming to get a smile out of all the Latinos in New Zealand and stepwise, have an audience among the kiwi community.

Jorge Coco Sequeiros contributed to the band when he became a salsa dancer and dance teacher, supporting the band as a special plus for their live performances!

What genres and where are they performing?

Latin Bands in New Zealand

Banda Latina is the resident band of "The Kingslander" restaurant bar on New North Road for the last 16 years. This band is a pioneer on the "Auckland Salsa Nights" concept, that's become a scheduled plan every Wednesday starting at 8 PM where dancers, performers and singers gather to enjoy an evening full of joy, Latin rhythms of Salsa, merengue, Bachata and Colombian, Peruvian, Chilean and Argentinian Cumbias along with Kizomba, Zouk and even Vallenato, Reggaeton, Caribean Folklore and Rancheras! These Salsa Nights have become an amazing plan for drinking a glass of wine and sharing with confidence a good evening every Wednesday.

What has been their biggest achievement?

"For me, it is an achievement to always be among the groups that make presence in events in Auckland during the year, such as Salsa Under the Stars and Latin Festival in Aotea Square, Independence Celebrations in Colombia and Peru, Gala Dances, City Council Summer Events, Christmas Events in Rotorua, Tauranga and private events for corporate parties and very important for us, events in the homes of many Latinos who want to feel at home and trust us to make this effect"

Banda Latina surely delivers a whole show and that's indisputable while delivering a repertoire tailored to the audience's satisfaction, taking into account what country they are from, so they include popular songs from that country, there are even micro dance classes if necessary and animation, taking into account if there is non Latino audience so they also include what they call "commercial songs" (Latin songs that everyone knows) open mic when someone in the audience wants to accompany them on the microphone or with an instrument or dancing, special requests, which makes the audience feel comfortable, pampered and motivated to have a good time, reflecting what a real Latino is!

Check out a tease of what is like to be in a Banda Latina performance:

A Bit of Backstory: Banda Latina

Banda Latina en Auckland

The members are Jorge Coco Sequeiros as the Band Leader and Percussionist from Peru, Tatiana Jimenez - Singer from Colombia, Kara Queza - Singer from the Philippines, Dylan Kalev - Timbalero from Bulgaria and Fidel Pimentel - Conguero from Mexico.

We got the chance to have a little talk with Tatiana about her time with the Band, and this is what she told us:

I have been in Banda Latina for almost 10 years. This was my first job here in Auckland and my first direct contact with the Latin and dance community.

Working in Banda Latina has been my platform to make myself known as a singer, and it is thanks to this that I have had the opportunity to be in other bands, which has been wonderful for my growth as an artist, rubbing shoulders with high-quality English-speaking musicians who have great admiration and respect for Latin music.

This has led me to be a part of events for the Auckland dance community, Latinos and audiences who are comfortable with our contagious joy and diverse rhythms.

I am proud to contribute in a positive way with a friendly and joyful image of our people, who we are, how we feel, how we perceive life through our culture, our music, our language. And at the same time, it is a very special way to feel close to my homeland and to support those who also want to feel at home for a moment.

Eventos Latinos en Auckland

The Latino talent has no barriers and as you can see, you can find us anywhere in the world having a good time and sharing our culture through music, dance and food! So don't miss the chance of having the opportunity of enjoying an amazing evening with Banda Latina or having a great time by booking them for any private event.

... And .... what's Their Favorite Latino Food's Product?

Although they love all the products of our store, they have clear favourites!

"Snacks such as rosquitas and achiras are the clear winners. We also love the Harina PAN, Fruit Pulps, Saltinas Crackers, Guava Paste, Jaggery and Cargamanto Beans!"

They have tried a little of every Latino Foods's collection including the Frozen Collection, which they love because they can make their favourite juices!

How can you contact 'Banda Latina'?

Anyone interested in contacting Banda Latina for private events or looking for more information about them can contact either their Band Leader, Jorge Coco Seiqueros or their Colombian Singer Tatiana Jimenez here:

Jorge Coco Sequeiros


Tatiana Maria Jimenez Zabala


Thanks for Reading! :D

Latino Foods Team

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