Achiras are a classic Colombian snack. Achiras Makarena are handcrafted without any preservatives - they are baked with dedication in clay ovens. They are Gluten-Free and have a high FIBER & PROTEIN content! It can be consumed by diabetics and celiacs. Made of achira starch (canna indica), an ancestral indigenous plant from Los Andes. Crunchy, cheesy & buttery in taste.


Finally in New Zealand and directly from Huila, Colombia, the achiras can’t be replaced by any other snack that goes along with coffee, chocolate or agua de panela, because they are the perfect match.


This gastronomic Colombian tradition is made with achira starch, this crunchy Little biscuit can complete a delicious breakfast with coffee and cheese or a wonderful and original snack for your visits.


This mixture is part of the Colombian gastronomic tradition and we find it mainly in the department of Huila, but also in Cundinamarca and Tolima. Although the plant used to get the flour is better produced in the climate of southern Cauca and Nariño, it is in the warm lands of Huila, in cities such as Altamira, Fortalecillas, Timaná and Yaguará where the women that make the biscuits are found. They make these delicious snacks and that is the livelihood of thousands of families in the south of the country.

Achiras Biscuit - (Achiras Tradicional) - 25g

  • 11-Feb-22

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