Cassava chips/ Yuca croquette


These cassava chips are the best option to share with your favorite dip, this pack contains more than 30 croquettes with a total weight of 1kg, and because they come precooked, they are easy to cook, either fried or baked, their soft interior and unique flavor make this product the best option for you to try this exquisite bite.


We bring to New Zealand this snack that can be either the perfect complement for your lunches and dinners, the appetizers of an evening at your place or an exquisite entrée. If you are looking for a snack to your afternoon you are in the right place, because we don’t like things hard to cook in a chill Sunday afternoon, so because they come precooked just pour them into your air fryer and wait until they have that delicious crunchy brown color, so you know they are ready, eat them with liquid cheese (hopefully cheddar) and enjoy them!

Cassava Chips Croquetas - 1kg

  • 1-Jun-22
  • Weight 1 kg

    Cheeky Foods

    Type of Product

    Dairy Free, Easy to Make, Finger Food, Sugar Free, Traditional Food, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free

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