Irresistibly crunchy and delicious. This crispy frosted corn flakes delivers a spark of sweetness in each and every bite, your children will love this sugary corn flakes fortified with vitamins, iron and zinc that you can now find in New Zealand to sweeten your mornings.


Pour milk over your zucaritas cereal for a magical surprise you and your kids will love. This cereal is perfect for your breakfasts if you add sliced strawberries and bananas that isn’t just extra sweetness and flavor, but also are extra nutrients for your children.


Kellogg®'s significant presence in Latin America reflects the company's commitment to the region, as well as our confidence in its investment potential. Latin America's emerging markets, with their growing consumer base, are a key component of Kellogg®'s global growth strategy.


Breakfast Cereals 125g

Zucaritas de Kellogg's

Breakfast Cereals (Cereales Zucaritas de Kellogg's) - 125gr

  • 19 May 2021

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