Clamato juice is a blend of tomato juice infused with clam juice. Many people use it as the base for certain cocktails such as Bloody Mary or Caesar and of course, as part of any Mexican Michelada!


Use it as a secret ingredient to make amazing ceviches! Especially now that you can enjoy it in New Zealand thanks to Latino Foods!


History of Clamato

Clamato® began to cool us in California in 1969. Some farmers chose our juice as the drink that made their long and hard days in the sun light. Before long, its popularity spread throughout the United States and Mexico.

Today we are the preferred brand among Latinos of all latitudes for the preparation of drinks and meals; at the same time, we continue to fall in love with palates from all over the country. And best of all, is that preparing something with Clamato is not only delicious, but also an experience in your own way and with your own style, it is "your Clamato".

Clamato - 946ml

  • 17 July 2021

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