Colombian Style Kidney Red Beans (Fríjoles Cargamento Antioqueños) 580g.


Also known as cranberry, Romano, Madeira, or Borlotti beans, Cargamanto beans are a very popular dish in Antioquia, Colombia. They are prepared with pork legs, carrots, green bananas, dressings and Colombian spices. This dish is known as “Antioqueño beans”.


The creaminess of this kind of bean allows the soup to be succulent. This beans do make a tasty and concentrated broth because they have a thin skin and the bean is dense and soft, achieving a concentrated soup. Try this delicious Colombian dish at you home, now in New Zealand!


Ingredients: Cargamanto Bean, water, carrot, tomate sauce, salt and chicken broth concentrate.

Colombian Style Kidney Red Beans (Frijoles Cargamanto Antioqueños) - 580g

  • 22 February 2023

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