Now New Zealand can taste the sancocho, the most traditional soup of Colombian gastronomy, that mainly contains corn, cassava, potatoes, green plantains and carrots, in addition to this and depending on the region where it is prepared, meat, chicken or fish is added, our bag of 1kg of weight contains the perfect vegetables to cook this dish in the best Colombian style.


It is a preparation whose geographical universality makes it one of the most recognized dishes in world cuisine, of course, with thousands of variations in its inputs, its presentations, seasonings and names. In Germany it is called eintopf; in France pot pourri; ajiaco in Cuba and the Caribbean; tail pot in Spain; soljanka in Russia; cataplana in Portugal; snert in the Netherlands.


The sancocho is usually consumed mainly during lunch as a main dish or in special celebrations. It is a very rich and varied dish in terms of the ingredients used in its preparation, mainly: meat (pork, chicken, chicken, ribs, turkey, etc.), fish, legumes and vegetables. In addition, the main products include corn, cassava, potatoes, green plantains, ripe plantains, and spices.


The truth is that, although the base of the dish is in the aforementioned ingredients, in Colombia there is no single sancocho, on the contrary, there are more than a dozen different sancochos, some with a departmental denomination of origin, others of regional origin, adapting the recipe to its characteristics, traditions and culinary techniques. For example, in the Antioquia region we can speak of the sancocho made with meat and the triphasic sancocho (with beef, pork and chicken), recognized are the sancocho de gallina from Ginebra, in the Valle del Cauca; the sancocho with double prey (rib and chicken) from Gran Tolima; the sancocho de cola and chorotas from Santander; the antioqueño stew with fat meats; the fish stew in coconut milk from the Atlantic coast; the stew of meat comes from the Pacific coast; the “crossed” sancocho from the eastern plains; the catfish and bocachico sancochos during the Magdalena and Cauca climb.

Colombian Sancocho Soup - 1kg

  • 1 June 2022
  • Weight 1 kg

    Cheeky Foods

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    Dairy Free, Easy to Make, Sugar Free, Traditional Food, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free

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