Corn Starch MAIZENA 90g

Fecula de Maiz MAIZENA Original.


Maizena is one of the most traditional and beloved brands for Colombians since there is not a single one that haven’t tried a colada de maizena. The colada is a massy drink that may remembers you of oatmeal but it is based on cornstarch, and mothers usually give to their little children since it can be kind of a pap. Now in New Zealand!


History of Maizena

The tradition of the yellow box in Colombian homes began in 1933, when the brand arrived in the country. Mothers began to use the product to make “coladas” to their children. A great ally of women was emerging in the nutrition of their children.


The brand incorporated different and delicious flavors to its portfolio to satisfy the tastes of all members of the family, these flavors were: vanilla, arequipe and strawberry.


In the 2000s, Maizena® developed and included in all its washes: Crecinutre, which is a combination of vitamins and minerals developed together with renowned nutrition experts from the region.


It is a popular corn starch used throughout Latin America. Maizena can be used for making cookies, cakes, sauces and much more. Order today!

Corn Starch MAIZENA (Fecula de Maiz MAIZENA) - 90g

  • 7 June 2022

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