Figs in Syrup 790g

Brevas en Almibar


The Breva is the first, from June to July, of the 2 fruit crops of the fig tree, highly appreciated as they are larger than the fig but not as sweet as the fig, they are pear-shaped and different colors, depending on the varieties They range from white, greenish-yellow, bluish, and black.


The same tree also bears the fig fruit a little later; It is even known that there are years depending on the fallen rains that may not produce figs. In the northern hemisphere they occur every year with the announcement of the feast of San Juan. In the southern hemisphere the ripening of their Christmas arrival.


A good Colombian Christmas dish cannot lack of at least two brevas, so why don’t you give a Colombian touch to your New Zealand Christmas and order some brevas?


Ingredients: Figs, sugar and water.

Figs in Syrup (Brevas en Almibar) - 790g

  • 18 November 2021

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