Viene con ñapa!

150g + 85g


Say goodbye to that foot reek or as Colombians say: pecueca!


For those who are in constant movement and perform different tasks, Mexsana® Clásico is the solution. Thanks to the concentrations of Symclariol®, the product gives you the best benefits to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that cause odor. In addition, thanks to its propellant action, less dosage is needed to cover the affected area (helping the environment). On the other hand, as it contains menthol, it provides a pleasant sensation of freshness every day.


This presentation is 2 in 1, so you can have your own shoe powder and a travel backup! Get it now here in New Zealand.


Foot and Shoe Powder Antibacterial

Talcos Mexsana Antibacterial

Foot and Shoe Powder (Talcos Mexsana) - 235g

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