Guava Paste is a Colombian confectionery made with guava pulp and panela. 


This delicious guava paste is the perfect snack for an afternoon where you are feeling low sugar, and it is commonly accompanied by cheese, dulce de leche or milk, but you can also simply eat it on its own.


Not to mention, that is also called “bocadillo” and it LITERALLY translates to “snack”… How can you deny this is the perfect snack to your New Zealand’s meetings?


Some chopped bocadillo with pieces of cheese are the perfect snacks for your Friends or family reunions, you can stick them with toothpicks so they are individually portionized and your guests will love its sweet and delicious flavor.


In Colombia, the city of Vélez, department of Santander, is considered the main manufacturing center due to the high production of both artisanal and industrial sandwiches and the large guava plantations in the region.


It is a paste or preserve resulting from the mixture of ripe guavas and panela or sugar, which through cooking achieves a hard texture and a bright red color. The traditional product is in the shape of small blocks with two thin bands of light paste made with white guava, and a thick central band of red paste, made with red guava. The traditional Veleño sandwich is individually packed in bijao leaves, which preserve the product and give it a characteristic aroma and taste.



Ingredients: Guava, sugar, pectin, FD&C RED No. 40

Guava Paste (Bocadillo/Membrillo) - 400gr

  • 23 February 2022

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