Flattened large green plantain, packs of 5 pieces.


The patacon is a slice of the green plantain crushed and fried, Ideal to add favorite meats, on top or simply to serve only with salt as an entrance before the main dish, this product is recommended for gluten allergens and vegetarians.


The tostón or tostada de platano, as it is known in Colombia, is a whole green plantain crushed and fried, commonly used in the kitchen to serve with toppings according to taste, this includes meat, chicken or guacamole, are the perfect entree or appetizer to your reunions and parties. Think of it as a taco without walls and really crunchy but at the same time a little fluffy… We know it’s hard to explain but that’s the reason you need to taste this dish by yourself, and that’s why we brought it to New Zealand! Don’t lose your chance of tasting one of the more famous and delicious Colombian snack.

Large Flattened Green Plantain - 1kg

  • 1-Jun-22
  • Weight 1 kg
    Type of Product

    Dairy Free, Easy to Make, Sugar Free, Traditional Food, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free


    Cheeky Foods

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