Maltín Polar is a Venezuelan malt brand that was born in 1951, property of Empresas Polar managed by the Cervecería Polar division. It is the leading Venezuelan brand in sales in Malta, and you can taste now this gassy flavor in New Zealand. Its main consumption occasions are breakfast and as snack… Venezuelans also use it to make a “black grilled meat” at barbecues.


Malt is a type of fizzy drink product obtained after malting, that is, from the germination of a cereal and the transformation of starches into sugars.


We can also say that it is a carbonated malt drink, that is, it is prepared from barley, hops and water like beer; it can also have corn and caramel color. In turn, the malt does not contain alcohol. In other words, malt is beer that has not been fermented.


Note: It is a non-alcoholic malt drink.

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