Pack of 4 serves of 125gr each (500 g).

Each serve will give you a juice/ smoothie of 400ml-420ml.


Mango, scientifically name Mangifera indica, is a very juicy fruit and, when it is yellow, it is very sweet, used to treat dental discomfort, respiratory and stomach problems, among others uses, This mango pulp that Latino Foods brings to you from Colombia to New Zealand guarantees the best flavor and texture to your natural drinks and smoothies.


The mango juice is the perfect choice to drink at a brunch, we assure you that the taste of anything made with this fruit sweetens the palate of anyone who tries it.


Mango alone is GREAT, but mango juice also has multiple health benefits: It helps prevent cancer thanks to several of its nutritional properties, and also helps prevent heart disease since they can help reduce body fat and control blood sugar.


What are you waiting for to order some mango pulp to have a delicious mango juice and take care of your health?

Mango Frozen Pulp 4 packs - 500g

  • 1-Jun-22
  • Weight 0.5 kg

    Cheeky Fruits

    Type of Product

    Dairy Free, Easy to Make, Sugar Free, Traditional Food, Vegan,       Vegetarian, Gluten free

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