Manjar blanco is a traditional Christmas dish in Colombia. It is made out of ingredients like milk, rice, and sugar.


The Manjar Blanco is one of the most delicious traditional desserts par excellence in the Colombian Southwest. It accompanies the holidays, sunny afternoons, movie marathons on Sundays; rather, any time.


In Colombia, the manjar blanco entered through Popayán and was centralized in Buga, where it was transformed thanks to the midwives, as well as the farms that cultivated rice, along with the dairy-producing livestock spaces and the mills for the milling of sugar cane.


It can be confused with the arequipe, but although the Manjar can also be spread over crackers, wafers, bread, or anything, it is a little rougher and harder.


Manjar, literally translated to “delicacy” is waiting for you now in New Zealand, give it a try!

Manjar (Manjar blanco) - 250g

  • 15 October 2021
  • Contains Milk

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