A golden yellow liquid cheese, the perfect nacho corn chips dip. Use it to pour over our authentic Mexican corn tortilla chips for a delicious snack.


There are no nachos without cheese and everyone, even if they’re not Mexican knows that rule. That’s why we bring directly from Mexico to New Zealand the authentic and most Latin nacho cheese you can ever dream of, this Nacho Cheese Sauce is a perfect addition to your special event or family snack menu. It is great for nachos or as a base for your queso fundido recipe.


For a quick and delicious snack, empty your Nacho Cheese Sauce into a microwave safe container, cover and heat, stir half way through heating, serve and enjoy. Add sliced pepper rings, mix and microwave to add zing. San Miguel Nacho Cheese Sauce is a shelf stable, pasteurized product, you can stock up now and be ready for any snacking event.

Nacho Cheese - 430g

  • 31-Oct-23

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