The soda crackers brand for excellence, the Saltin Noel crackers are now available in New Zealand. Sprinkled with salt, crunchy and golden, also contain 85% cereal. Commonly used to accompany prawn cocktails, main dishes or spread them with caramel spread or jam. Between meals and at dinner, they are ideal for preparing mouthfuls full of flavor.


These crackers are the perfect base for any appetizer from shrimp ceviche to just some arequipe, you can turn this tasteless square of cracker into anyone’s favorite snack or entrée. These crackers go perfect as a complement in your breakfast accompanied by some cheese and eggs, there you go a literal breakFAST.

Saltin Noel Crackers (Galletas Saltin 3 tacos) - 300g

  • 7 November 2021

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