Sancocho Seasoning


Now New Zealand can taste the sancocho, the most traditional soup of Colombian gastronomy, that mainly contains corn, cassava, potatoes, green plantains and carrots, in addition to this and depending on the region where it is prepared, meat, chicken or fish is added.


This seasoning must be added to all of these ingredients to add a more original flavor.


The sancocho is usually consumed mainly during lunch as a main dish or in special celebrations. It is a very rich and varied dish in terms of the ingredients used in its preparation, mainly: meat (pork, chicken, chicken, ribs, turkey, etc.), fish, legumes and vegetables. In addition, the main products include corn, cassava, potatoes, green plantains, ripe plantains, and spices.

Seasoning mix for Sancocho (Mezcla para sancocho el rey) - 20g

  • 27 February 2022

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