Soap Dishwasher Lemon 235g

Jabon para lavar platos Axion Crema Limon.


Get rid of any kind of grime and leftovers stick to your dishes, cookware or pans with this Axion paste of dishwasher. It is a product that you can save money with, since you don’t have to overuse the liquid dishwasher, you will just use the necessary amount spreading your sponge over this paste.


Perfect for washing the exterior of grassy pans, saucepans, among others including your stove and mostly anything in your kitchen! Even your dish washer, fridge, oven, anything! That’s why Axion is called the “real grease-tearer”. Get the original Arrancagrasa now in New Zealand!

Soap Dishwasher Lemon (Axion Crema Limon) - 235g

  • 1 January 2022

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