This is a square chewy soft candy that is a popular assortment of fruit flavours. Package contains strawberry, lemon and orange flavours.


This candy is one of the most emblematic toffees among children and Colombians have many memories that involve it’s sweet and various flavors since is not as soft as a gum but neither is as hard as a mint. It is unique, and now that is available in New Zealand! you gotta order some right now to taste its exotic flavors!


History of Frunas

The Frunas were created in 1941, according to a formula brought from Germany by Mr. Emilio Stern. Mr. Stern settled in Venezuela and from there he advised Noel in the elaboration of the Frunas. First he personally came to the country, then his wife, Mrs. Sedonia, and even his children had the opportunity to come to make the Fruna Noel.


In 1977, Noel purchased from the Stern family the formula and technology to make the durafrunal base, ensuring its unique build. Since then, the traditional caramel continues to be made with the same formula.

Soft Candy (Frunas tradicional) - 32Unit

  • 29-Jan-22

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