8 Unidades de Cocosette


Nestle's Cocosette is an exquisite combination of a crunchy cookie wafer filled with rich coconut cream. Each box contains 8 pieces of 50g. Imported from Colombia directly to New Zealand.


Although is originally from Venezuela and was launched on the market in 1956, and since then it has become one of the best-known cookies in Latin America. However, it wasn't until a commercial came out in the early 1990s that the cookie became very popular.


"I eat you with kisses" was the slogan that started that association of the Cocosette with kisses. From that point on, it was inevitable not to repeat the sticky cookie slogan, and then when Savoy included the phrase “give me a kiss” on the packages, the cookie's popularity grew even more.


What are you waiting for to order some kisses directly imported from Latin America?

Wafer Cookie Filled with Coconut (Galleta cocosette) - 8pcs

  • 30 September 2021
  • Contains wheat and milk. 

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