The green plantain is recognized for its large size, thick green skin, and starchy pulp rich in starches, which makes it much less sweet than a banana, Latino Foods brings you this product originally from the heart of Colombia to New Zealand, and thanks to the guaranteed cold chain, this food retains all its characteristics from its packaging until it reaches the final consumer, it comes without skin and pre-cooked for your convenience.


Use it to make the famous tostones or Tostadas de platano, and add as much toppings as you like, from guacamole to stew, this dish is the perfect appetizer for your reunions or a snack for a funny afternoon where you want to eat something crunchy and delicious that you can mix with anything!


Or why don’t you test your culinary skills and try to make some green plantain empanadas using this product as the dough of that delicious latin snack. What about slice the whole plantain in tiny capes to make your own green plantain chips! Anyway, the uses of this marvelous plantain are infinite, what are you waiting to order?

Whole Green Plantain - 1kg

  • 1-Jun-22
  • Weight 1 kg

    Cheeky Foods

    Type of Product

    Dairy Free, Easy to Make, Sugar Free, Traditional Food, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free

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