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How to make Green Plantain Baskets!

The patacones, also called tostones or flattened Green Plantains, are delicious and so easy to prepare, perfect as an appetizer or as a companion to different dishes. Very popular in Latin American and Caribbean countries, you can find Green Plantain in New Zealand!

Green Plantain cups

If you are wondering what to do with Green Plantain, you've come to the right place! Exquisite if consumed alone, delicious with a good hogao or guacamole and as a companion to a good fish, spectacular!

A different way to enjoy Green Plantain is by shaping it as a basket or for your proteins or sauces! You just have to follow the step by step to make these crispy baskets and best of all, you can fill them with whatever you like the most!


  • 1 Whole Green Plantain

  • Oil to Fry

  • Salt at taste


1. Cut the Green Plantain into 3 equal portions.

2. In a skillet over medium-high heat and with enough oil to fry, add the banana pieces.

3. Lower the fire a bit, what we want is for them to cook inside so that we can crush them later. In this step, they should be a soft yellow colour.

4. They are removed from the oil, passed through kitchen paper to absorb the fat.

5. Crush them so they see like a flattened plantain but start shaping it like a basket. You can also use the help of a mould.

6. They should not be so thin, especially the top part should be a little thicker, that part is very delicate and can break.

7. When they are ready, salt is added. They can make a mixture of salt, garlic and lemon and paint with a brush (this step is optional).

8. Fry them a second time. Do not put the fire so strong. Now they should be toasted and have good colour.

9. Remove and place on paper towels to absorb fat. If you want, add more salt.

10. Fill with whatever you want, seafood, fish, chicken, beef, guacamoles, vegetables, salad, your favourite stew, etc.

Plantain Recipes in NZ

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Latino Foods Team.

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