Colombian Liquor in New Zealand

Colombian Liquor in New Zealand

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Colombian Rum


Ron Viejo de Caldas - 750ml (Rum)

This is an aged, dark and distinctive Colombian rum made with the finest honey and aged in American oak casks giving it natural aromas and tastes without any additives in the process. Heat and rawness are transformed into softness and texture with smoky honey flavors in this delicious golden rum.

It has a 35% alcohol content.

Packaging: 750ml
Best before: 12 months

Colombian Aguardiente


Aguardiente Cristal - 750ml

Beginning with the very first sniff and all the way until the crisp concise finish, the tasty anise is the star. Aguardiente is typically taken as a shot but may also be utilized as a creative ingredient in many beverages; it would also pair fantastically with grilled meat, frybread, tropical fruits, or hard cheese.

Colombia's national alcoholic beverage is Aguardiente and Cristal is produced with water from its own springs, treated and micro-filtered, which is one of the differentiating factors of this aniseed alcoholic beverage that results in the blend of fine and natural essential oils of anise and fennel.

Looking for Aguardiente in New Zealand? Now you got it!

It has a 29% alcohol content.

Packaging: 750ml
Best before: 12 months

Colombian Beer

Club Colombia Beer in New Zealand

Club Colombia Beer - 330ml

Club Colombia, is Colombia’s premium brand, with an alcohol content of 4.7% by volume. Brewery by Bavaria Colombia.

• Dorada – An extra-dry, carefully crafted pilsner lager.
Red – Amber Lager/Vienna Bavaria.

Packaging: 330ml bottles 24pk
Best before: 5 months

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