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Here you can find all the coffee we have brought from Colombia just for you! If you want to have a real taste of true Latin flavour, then Colombian Coffee Juan Valdez is a must!

Colombia is a land with many different geographic regions, so it makes sense that there is a variety of Colombian coffee. From smooth and sweet Nariño beans grown in the country’s cloud forests, to the intense and chocolatey beans of the Sierra Nevada mountain, there’s plenty of flavors for you to try here in New Zealand.

    Juan Valdez Premium Coffee Brand
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    Procafecol S.A. was born in 2002 with the objective of generating value-added business for coffee growers and its brand Juan Valdez® that has four lines of business: Specialized stores, large supermarkets, institutional channels and the e-commerce portal.

    Their relationship with Colombian coffee growers is through various channels: the first is the recognition of the quality of their coffee through the payment of premium quality; the second is the positioning of Colombian coffee in the world, and the third is the permanent commitment to generate value to the National Coffee Fund (FoNC) for the generation of public goods and the Sustainability in Action® projects of the Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers (Federación de Cafeteros de Colombia).

    Throughout ten years and with important investments, Juan Valdez has been able to create a synergic team with knowledge and experience; with more than 300 stores operating in Colombia and more than 100 in the world, being leaders in the category of large supermarkets. Juan Valdez Colombian Premium Coffee positions Colombian Coffee as the most recognized and admired brand in the world, consolidating their expansion model to new markets overseas including now New Zealand!

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