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La Chiva Arepas: Arepas in New Zealand

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

A new member of Latino Foods Family! We are now distributing their delicious Arepas all over New Zealand! We have talked to them to share their story with us:


LA CHIVA was born on July 20th, 2016 in the framework of the celebration of our Colombian Independence day, held annually in Christchurch. An idea that came up intending to remember our roots, bringing "the mountains of our land" for a moment, and why not? to share part of our culture in a foreign land.

Arepas in new zealand

This company makes Arepas (Latin bread) of different sizes and flavours, made 100% from pure corn, gluten-free, and suitable for vegans. A company that works incessantly to reach every corner of New Zealand homes, making it possible once more that the arepas as we know them to become the perfect fuel for breakfast.

Who is behind La Chiva Arepas?

Arepas in auckland

Their team has talented collaborators who make possible the expansion of La Chiva even in the most remote places of New Zealand, where those who were not familiar with the product, have recognized it as a delicacy on the palate. Among their collaborators, they can highlight the Enjoy Creativos designer, the ACODATA team with its production and filming service, the SSV writer and editor in charge of the content.

Some distributors: KANKIS in Invercargill, Delicias Arepas Manawatu in Palmerston North, Pure Convenience in Hobson street, and now us as Latino Foods as distributors in New Zealand.

colombian food in auckland

They also have workers who are always available to carry out the arduous work of preparing the product. Among them, they are proud to have from international students to moms heads of households. They say that especially because of this last group, the exquisite flavour of their arepas is the result of the loving touch that they transmit. And finally, the guys from NZ post, who are in charge of the final phase, deliver orders in most cases.

What has been the most difficult and the most rewarding about starting a business in New Zealand?

... one of the most relevant difficulties they’ve found themselves in has been the fact of maintaining affordable prices for their customers. However, they are always motivated to bring to the Latin Community those happy and pleasant memories lived in our distant land.

In addition, one of the most rewarding things about their work is seeing the smile on the children's faces and the happiness they transmit with their welcoming shouts in different accents yelling: “MUUUM ARIPAAAS”.

There’s no doubt then, that the most rewarding feeling is constant learning, where passion and love are strengthened with the passing of the days, thanks to the pleasant response of their consumers.


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Thanks for reading!

Latino Foods Team.

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