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A Mexican Tortilla Genius in New Zealand - Arturo Luna

Updated: May 20, 2023

Have you ever noticed that some food from our Latino Countries doesn't taste the same when you try them here in New Zealand? Well, this is not the case.... we have found authentic Remarkable Mexican Tortillas in NZ.

We had a coffee with Arturo Luna, owner of the brand Remarkable Tortillas, the most authenthic and fresh Tortillas in Aotearoa, not only are they fresh and without conservatives but they also have the longest service life on the market!

How did Arturo came up with this life-saving product for us Latinos?

We share his story down below.

Ay, Caramba! Is Born

Arturo shared with us how the idea of importing Mexican Foods started:"I had a friend who was opening a Mexican restaurant and struggling to find mezcal (a distilled spirit made from agave) in New Zealand" and here is where, doubtful but sure that he had a good idea, he made his first importation.

“I saw an opportunity and with zero knowledge did my first small import. It was quite an expensive one as I made various mistakes – which I now call school fees! – but these initial mistakes allowed me rethink the way I would import.”
Tacos with mexican tortillas

Arturo realized he was a pioneer on bringing the Mexican flavour to New Zealand so on his next importation he included ingredients, spices and alcoholic beverages. And just when he didn't think of it, Ay, Caramba! Had requests and enquiries of both consumers and retailers.

“Suddenly Ay, Caramba wasn’t a hobby anymore, it was a full-time job for my wife and I”

Remarkable Tortillas Comes to Life!

mexican foods in new zealand
Remarkable Tortillas

Although Ay, Caramba! Was doing more than fine just by itself, the best was yet to come when a tortilla manufacturing company offered to buy their Remarkable Tortillas brand.

“I think Kiwis like the whole concept of what Mexican food represents. When I think of Mexican food, not only a delicious taco comes to mind – I always think of family, friends, party, authenticity, comfort, culture and traditions. That’s why we all love Mexican food.

Today Ay, Caramba is a proud and strong business that brings to New Zealand more than 120 different products among Seasonings, Traiditional Foods, Sweets and both Alvoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages besides producing premium quality corn and flour tortillas in New Zealand.

What's Next?

Arturo is keen on exploring the manufacturing and producing more Mexican products here in New Zealand “Consumer trends are constantly changing so we have to adapt and keep innovating” he says, with a strong approach on brand awareness as their main goal.

“Our objective is to offer our customers a whole Mexican experience.”

We hope that this amazing business keeps growing strong and bringing the best flavours of Mexico to the other hemisphere here in New Zealand. We know that after reading all of this blog want to try these, literally, REMARKABLE Tortillas so to make your search a lot easier order the now here:

Watch video:

Thanks for Reading! :D

Latino Foods Team

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