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Conquering NZ Mountains with Venezuelan Arepas

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Among all of New Zealand's beautiful and amazing landmarks and natural landscapes, its majestic mountains are worldwide renowned and a MUST for every climbing-lover. This should come as no surprise knowing that this country has 30 peaks of over 3000 meters high and the iconic Mt. Cook or as it is locally known, Aoraki, almost touches the sky with its 3753 meters high! This country represents a challenge for everyone who loves to practice mountaineering and thanks to its variety of mountains, it can suit anyone skills, from beginners to professionals.

Pablo borjas alpine guide
Expedition on Aoraki Mt. Cook

Today we wanna tell the story of one fellow Latino that came all the way from Venezuela to New Zealand because of his passion for these imperial rock formations that this islander country has. We are talking of course of Pablo Borjas, a Venezuelan that has been living in New Zealand since late 2018 while working as a professional guide on Alpin Guides.

But that's enough introduction, let's see what Pablo told us himself about his journey of becoming a professional mountain guide here in New Zealand and adapting with his family to this land.

Who is Pablo Borjas?

Pablo Borjas alpine guide
Pablo Borjas on a Mt. Cook Expedition

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela and the son of an also Venezuelan father and an Italian mother, Pablo Borjas Von Bach is a Biology Graduate that has always felt a passion for nature, especially natural landscapes and, you guessed it, mountains.

After his Biology degree was over, he decided to leave that path and follow his real dream and passion: Mountains.

"I used to spend a lot of hours on natural landscapes and in the wild, especially on the mountains and that's what drove me to become a mountaineer and rock climber"

That's when he decided to start training to become a professional mountain guide, studying in a Canadian University for 2 years. Then, he processed his certification for an International License in Bolivia that would allow him to work as an official and certificated guide all over the world and after 8 long years, he got it! With this Certification, he could now work overseas as an Official UIAGM Guide!

What brought you to New Zealand?

mountaineering in nz
Tasman Glacier

At this point, it would be disrespectful not to guess what brought Pablo to New Zealand! However, we'll clear this doubt: The mountains and the beautiful natural landscapes that this country offers were the things that brought him here. He came to NZ for the first time back in 2017 for him to go back home 5 months later.

However, his trip was not in vain, since he worked for Alpin Guides during this time, New Zealand's oldest guiding services company, and they offered Pablo a working opportunity with them in 2018, which he accepted.

Thanks to this opportunity and the working visa that came along with it, Pablo could travel to New Zealand with Gabriela, his wife with whom he's been married for more than 22 years and their daughter, Isabela.

His work has been affected due to the pandemic and the restrictions it has caused especially to his work field: Tourism.

"I am very grateful to New Zealand and its people because even though the culture is different and the pace of life is not the same as the one I was living in, I have got used to it and have fitted in well enough without ever missing my relatives back in Venezuela. "

Pablo borjas

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How can our readers learn more about mountaineering and how to contact you?

You can check Alpine Guide's website on contact directly with Pablo if you want a fellow Latino guide! If you have any questions about this practice, you can contact him via:

Thanks for Reading! :D

Latino Foods Team

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