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Ecuadorian Handicrafts from Latitude 0° to Latitude Kiwi

Updated: May 24, 2023

latin handicrafts in nz
Quinde Handicrafts

Crafts is an art that makes up one of the many characteristics that identify the Latino culture, the creativity that identifies our happiness and connection with our roots that do not know of places. The hands of the people of our lands produce enough so that both within the country and internationally these coveted creations are known, ranging from decoration products to reminders and gifts, as well as the creation of clothing and accessories that complete spectacular outfits!

It should come as no surprise then, that Latin handicrafts have reached New Zealand, especially thanks to Quinde Handicrafts, a family shop belonging to a 100% Ecuadorian family made up of brother, sister, and brother-in-law who started this company with the shared dream of transcending distances to Through a socially inclusive and responsible trade, importing to this isolated country crafts made by entrepreneurs from their central land, Ecuador.

ecuatorian families crafts
Ecuadorian Families Handicrafting

As a family, they negotiate with families, establishing alliances with fathers, mothers, young entrepreneurs, and artisan associations in communities of Ecuador. This exemplary family seeks to provide an alternative for the creation of sustainable sources of income for producer families while honoring a heritage impregnated with tradition.

Panama Hats in nz
Panama Hats

The beautiful work of Quinde Handicrafts began work at the end of 2019 with the import of Panama Hats (Panama Hats) to the New Zealand capital, Auckland. These were made entirely in Ecuador and although by the name of this beautiful hat it is possible to be confused, the world knows these exquisite hats as Panama Hats, but all of them are 100% handmade in Ecuador for which they are also known as "Ecuadorian Hats" and this company seeks to rescue the origin of this beautiful garment.

We decided to support this beautiful goal, so now you can find in Latino Foods some of the best designs of this 100% Ecuadorian Panama Hats on our 'Non Food' Collection.

In addition to typical Ecuadorian hats in New Zealand, Quinde has also imported mullo costume jewelery (earrings and bracelets), as well as recycled jute and t-shirt yarn bags made by hand by artisans from his beautiful country that lends its name to the imaginary line that it indicates. 0 ° latitude.

traditional ecuatorian handicrafts

Likewise, this venture will be venturing into the children's line this year, with beautiful hand-embroidered cotton dresses, a tradition that has been preserved in Ecuador for more than 120 years.

It is clear that going down so many latitudes from Ecuador to New Zealand is not easy, but we Latinos manage and get ahead wherever it is and once again we have another example like Quinde Handicrafts, whose founders are very clear about their priority of collaborating with the work community.

"Our passion is to share with the world what belongs to us all and with that, contribute to the growth of our people, city and country"

These hats carry with them a cultural and historic heritage from Ecuadorian people and you can check this out on this UNESCO's video:

When you buy from Quinde Handicrafts, you are supporting the families that are carrying this heritage to not let them die and to protect it through the years.

If you are interested in any of Quinde Handicrafts products, don't forget to visit and follow them on their social media, which are as follows:

On Instagram as @Quinde.Handicrafts and on Facebook as Quinde Handicrafts.

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