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Chocolate coated cake slices, Pack of 5.


New Zealand can now enjoy one of the snacks that has conquered the palate and heart of many generations of Colombians.


It would be considered a sin if you don’t sink some chocoramo into a good glass of milk and eat that exquisite delicacy that will just melt in your mouth, you will notice that one unit will just NOT be enough.


A little bit of history

The production of the Chocoramo started back in 1968 with enough capacity to produce 15,000 daily slices of Chocoramo, but after three months the demand was not met, so it had to be separated from the Gala cake line and created a new special formula to create the cake. of the Chocoramo. For this task they called Don Olimpo López, Ramo's most beloved pastry chef and creator of the Ramo cake, who perfected the Chocoramo recipe.


At first, the cake would crack because it couldn't hold the weight of the chocolate, so I needed it to have a good consistency for a smooth topping that wouldn't flake off when you bite into it. The solution was to create a special chocolate for the Chocoramo that would guarantee its quality. When Don Olimpo got that perfect Chocoramo formula, he became its guardian and in charge of ensuring the quality of the product to this day.

Chocolate Covered Cake Chocorramo 5 units - 325g

  • 1-Jun-22

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