Now you can get your own molinillo in New Zealand and start your days with some chocolate in your breakfast, this delicious and milky drink can’t be made with no other thing that the molinillo and don’t you dare to use anything else to prepare it because a Latino will scream somewhere!


How to use it?

To use it correctly, you must hold its handle between both hands and turn it quickly, rubbing one palm against the other.


History of the Molinillo

Traditionally made by hand with carved wood, it is used mainly for the preparation of hot drinks; most commonly for chocolate, a drink that became popular in Europe and much of the world when the Spanish first mixed Mexican cocoa with milk and sugar, however, it is used in countless other preparations.


This instrument helps the ingredients to be mixed homogeneously, avoiding residues at the bottom of the pot and gives them a pleasant foam that preserves all the aroma of the preparation.

Hot Chocolate Frother (Molinillo) - 30g

  • N.A.

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