A coffee with intense and impressive flavors, designed to awaken the senses. Its attributes are brought to life through a medium to high roasting point, giving it an imposing character that is immediately sensed on the palate and you can now enjoy it from your kitchen in New Zealand.


Juan Valdez was born to make the world fall in love with the highest quality and flavor of his coffee, but without realizing it, it became the coffee of an entire country.


Over ten years and with significant investments, Juan Valdéz managed to form a synergistic team with knowledge and experience; having more than 300 stores operating in Colombia and more than 100 in the world, being leaders in the category of large stores. Juan Valdez Colombian Premium Coffee positions as the most recognized and admired brand in our country, consolidating its expansion model to new markets in the world.

Intensity scale: Strong
Acidity: Medium Low
Body: Medium high
Aroma: Strong

Juan Valdez Cumbre Premium Ground Coffee - 250g

  • 6-Jul-22

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