Konzil is a Hair Care brand with professional quality with products for each hair type and need, try Konzil Styling Cream for Curly Hair.


Finally in New Zealand! This mix of almond oil and vitamin not only will reduce the frizz in your hair but also will leave it with the perfect curls that are so hard to get! Use it in your wet hair spreading it from half to ends of your hair and let it dry naturally to get the perfect result. No more messy hair! Get your styling cream in New Zealand now.


It contains the COMPLEJO VITA12, a combination of the highest quality proteins, vitamins and oils that will take your hair care to another level.


The unique combination of nourishing and specialized ingredients will enrich deep into your hair for results that will leave your hair shiny, strong, soft, AND UP TO 4 TIMES MORE DETANGED.


Do not wash after applied

Konzil Styling Cream (Curly Hair) - 300ml

  • 1-Jun-22

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