The noble ingredients of dulce de leche are only milk and sugar, and the quality of Argentine milk is what makes it unique. The typical color and flavor of dulce de leche is obtained by caramelizing the sugar with the milk, which is called the Maillard reaction.


Considered an Argentine emblem brand, it occupies a privileged place in the sentiment of an entire country. It currently has more than 270 coffee shops distributed throughout Latin America and Europe, being present in more than 12 countries, including New Zealand!


History of dulce de leche

Typical, autochthonous and a true Argentine symbol. Dulce de leche was born on June 24, 1829 in the La Caledonia ranch, where the Cañuelas Pact was signed between Juan Manuel de Rosas and the commander of the unitary army, Juan Lavalle. The story goes that a maid was preparing a hot sugary milk with which they drank mates at that time. When Lavalle arrived, tired from the journey, he lay down on the cot where Rosas usually rested. Seeing the enemy chief, the woman ran to look for the guard, but she forgot the milk in the fire. When he returned, the miracle had happened; its color changed and thickened, giving casual origin to the traditional dulce de leche.

Milk Caramel (Dulce de Leche) Havana - 450g

  • 25-May-22

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