It is a creamy sweet with milk and cocoa to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Due to its rich flavors, it has proven to be a delight to the palate of children. And you can found it now here in New Zealand!


Enjoy your nucita spreading it on biscuits or bread to taste one of the most delicious, sweet flavors that Colombina (the most important Colombian brand of candy) has to offer and can prove how this is the best Colombian Candy Company, with its 90 years of experience in the market.


History of Colombina

This company has been taking the Colombian flavor all over the world for 90 years now, Colombina S.A. was founded back in 1927 by Hernando Caicedo, a visionary man from Valle del Cauca who took advantage of the natural and agricultural wealth. In 1935 his candies became popular under the Colombinas brand and began to displace the home-made sweet market. Very soon it would benefit from the entrepreneurial vision of the one who would lead it to become one of the most important companies on the continent.

Nucita Caja - 224g

SKU: NUC-001
  • 1-Oct-21

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