Salsa "Botanera" is made from a mix of mexican chillis (primarily Guajillo and Arbol) it is perfect to accompany your snacks at any time by giving them a delicious spicy flavor. This sauce goes well with chips,popcorn, bufalo wings, hot dogs, nuggets, potato chips or pizza.


This salsa is used as an accompaniment to snacks such as popcorn, french fries, peanuts or pork rinds, as well as foods such as pizza, broths, corn, quesadillas, meats, seafood, among others.


This classic presentation of La Botanera has a medium-level spice flavor, so don’t worry about burning your mouth or having the worst spice in your mouth. Order some, now in New Zealand!


Turn your cravings on! 

Salsa Botanera - 370ml

  • 23-Oct-21

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