Tomatillos, sometimes called husk tomatoes, look like green, unripe tomatoes with a dry, leafy husk that wraps around the outside.


It is commonly eaten either raw in salads (especially to soften the spice of peppers or chili peppers), roasted or as an essential ingredient in green sauce.


The green tomato has a sweet and somewhat acidic flavor at the same time, and it is a basic ingredient in many traditional Mexican recipes. In no way should the common tomato that has not reached the ripening point be confused with the Mexican green tomato. Their small size, their particular shape and, above all, their commercialization with the shell, makes them easily distinguishable.


You can now get your tomatillos to complete the ingredients to your guacamole or salads now in New Zealand!


How to use tomatillos?

First, make sure you try them in an authentic Salsa Verde recipe. You can quickly turn this into a lip-smacking Avocado Salsa Verde by simply adding a fresh avocado to it.

Tomatillo Carey Canned - 822g

  • 16-Dec-21

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