This powdered seasoning is one of the most popular seasonings in Colombia. Triguisar is an all-purpose powdered seasoning made with cumin, annatto, turmeric, garlic powder, corn starch and rice starch.

It is a must-have in any Colombian kitchen and now it can be in your New Zealand kitchen, it is a go to ingredient for dishes like arroz con pollo, chicken stew, empanadas, tamales and many more.


Anyone who grew in Colombia knows that this is the best seasoning, since it’s the only one that has all the main condiments, such as cumin, corn flour, rice flour, pepper, salt, natural garlic, achiote, dehydrated garlic, turmeric, artificial coloring and garlic essential oil, that will make your dishes stand out.

Triguisar Seasoning (Condimento Triguisar) - 70g

  • 27-Feb-23

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