Obleas with Arequipe  is a typical Colombian sweet. Crispy wafer filled with milk caramel.
10 Units + A bag of Delicious Caramel (Arequipe or Dulce de leche).


Don’t limit yourself to the arequipe that already comes with the wafers, experiment adding anything sweet that you can find! Condensed Milk, sparkles, even fruits like strawberries or bananas can make the perfect complement to this delicious dessert/snack. Eat it at your afternoons in a picnic by the beaches of New Zealand!



Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar and vegetable oil. CONTAINS: wheat (gluten)



Ingredients: Milk, sugar, sodium of bicarbonate (regulator), and potassium sorbate (preservative). Contains Milk


Preparation: Spread an even layer caramel between, two wafers sheets and enjoy a delicious “SU SABOR”

Wafers with Caramel spread (Obleas con Arequipe) 10 pcs - 195g

  • 21-Aug-21

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