Sara yerba mate was established in 1998 in Brazil, and has had a long tradition of producing a well crafted and traditional yerba mate.

The formula since 1918, to enjoy a mate with the classic taste and bitterness of the Brazilian Herbs. Yielding agent, with an abundant amount of foam, which remains unchanged until the last of the feedings. 103 years in Brazil, and now you can enjoy it in New Zealand!


Yerba SARA Traditional is the pioneer brand in Uruguay and is made with a high percentage of gum, between 25 and 28%, which ensures that characteristic body that is complemented by 50% crushed leaves in a 10 and 30 mesh granulometry, so that when swelling it does not obstruct the transit through the bulb.


Take advantage of its many benefits! such as:

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Source of Vitamins
  • Source of Minerals
  • Energizing effect
  • Lowers bad cholesterol.

Yerba Mate Sara - 1kg

  • 8-Jun-22

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