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Bocadillo and Cheese? The perfect marriage!

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Nothing is more curious than the obsession Colombian people have with combining unusual flavors, and Bocadillo (membrillo or guava paste) (that could literally translate to “Lil’ snacky”) is a Latin American sweet, made with guava pulp and sugar, that is the perfect example of this combination!

Guava Paste in New Zealand

Guava Paste (also called "Bocadillo Veleño", "Membrillo" and "Guava Sweet") is a very thick, purée of Guava Fruit. It is stiff and dense, almost like fruit leather, but still soft and easily cut with a knife. It is sold in small and large blocks, or canned, but not in jars. It tastes like a sweet jam, but since it’s very thick it cannot be spreadable. It is served in slices that are quite thin, as each slice packs a lot of flavor and sweetness.

LatinoFoods Guava Paste in New Zealand

The most common way of eating bocadillo, is served with salty white cheese since is ideal as a snack, whether for parties or house meetings. These two contrasting flavors make the perfect Colombian food combination and will keep you returning for more, either as an appetizer or dessert, especially if you cut them in small equal pieces so you can stick them together!

Since the bocadillo contains a high level of sugar, it is used as a natural energy source for the body and it’s especially recommended when doing activities that require lots of energy such as hiking in the heights when your body is burning calories faster.

Now that you know about this Latino snack, what are you waiting for to get it to your gatherings? Because of the way it's served, you can spare it up for many of these! Such a perfect product to eat, enjoy and save some change!

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