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What is 'Dulce de Leche' and Alfajores?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Dulce de leche is a sweet Latin American dessert that is like a creamier caramel. It’s made by slowly heating up milk, whereas caramel is made by heating sugar. Dulce de leche is rich and sweet, but not quite as sticky as caramel.

dulce de leche in new zealand

You gotta know that, although this dessert is considered an Argentine emblem brand and it occupies a privileged place in the sentiment of an entire country,

you can also find it all over Latin America with many other names like “Arequipe” in Colombia, “Cajeta” in Mexico and “Manjar Blanco” in Perú, Chile, Bolivia and in some parts of Colombia.

It doesn’t really matter how you call this creamy treat, what does matter is what you spread it on. From crackers to toasts, this cream will sweeten any dish, especially as the sweet complement to a fun breakfast for your children.

Dulce de leche most likely evolved as a way to preserve milk in the pre-refrigerator era. Though its flavor is complex and layered, dulce de leche is deceptively simple to make and is one of the most common ingredients of South American treats like the famous Alfajores.

What are Alfajores?

alfajor in new zealand

This typical Argentinian dessert can be found all over South America but has its capital in Argentina where you can found them in every kiosk and bakery, although it is originally from Middle East.

These kinda-like sweet sandwiches are a couple of cookies made out of corn starch that leaves a dough sensation on your mouth that contrasts with the sweet flavor of the dulce de leche we´ve been talking about, that comes in the middle of the two cookies.

Although the most traditional Alfajores look like a pair of cookies with Dulce de Leche in the middle, currently there are a lot of both delicious and tasty chocolate-covered alfajores that add just the right amount of sweetness that your days need!

Find these sweet treats in our section of Alfajores.

arequipe in new zealand

In Colombia, the traditional arequipe reaches its most famous and acclaimed moment during the Christmas holidays, since it is a vital part of the “Christmas dish” or “Plato navideño” every Colombian family makes. In this so-called Christmas dish, it goes alone (either creamy at a side of the dish, or scooped in a little spoon) accompanied by figs, custard, buñuelos, and cheese.

However, this is not the only time where Colombians taste the delicious sweetness of the Arequipe, all year long it is used as the base or cover of many desserts, where the oblea (a crispy wafer filled mostly with arequipe, cheese, and some other sweet ingredients) is one of the most interesting ones to look up to.

No matter what name you know it for, Dulce de Leche, Arequipe, or Cajeta, this sweet cream caramel-based is a must in your collection of spreadables inside your cupboard, so you always have at your fingertips the sweet flavour of Latin America!

You can find all of our Dulce de leche products here: Dulce de Leche

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