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Santalma, a Colombian Artist in New Zealand

Art and Talent know no frontier and Latino Foods knows it well! We had the opportunity of meeting a great Latin Artist, a native of Colombia that nowadays is living in New Zealand.

Her name is Karolina Serrano but while crafting and painting, she is Santalma (her artist name). She grew up in an extended family of more than 60 painters and studied in both Colombia and Spain.

Santalma has worked in various films, theater, and television productions back in Colombia and has exhibited her artwork in Europe, all over South America, and now New Zealand!

Not only has she always been passionate about dance but she also has danced professionally as a good Latina with the rhythm flowing through her veins. It shows that every form of art is part of Santalma! And when asking her about her motivations, this is what she said:

"As an artist, it is important for me to find sources of inspiration that connect me with something, that generates emotions in me.Therefore as a migrant, my native land is my greatest muse".

Colombia is a multicultural country. In different regions, you can find a wide variety of traditions, dances, music, and food. It is also one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and because of this, there is an extensive palette of colours in its impressive nature.

"With all these in mind, I have been inspired to create artworks that tell a story, take me to a place and remind me of the joys and colours of my country".

Her art shows the colours of Colombia and Latino America while exposing to the world some cultural settings of her homeland but also the kiwi country that has opened its arms to her.

You can see all of her art on her Instagram Account @SantalmaArt and purchase some of her beautiful creations on Latino Food's brand new Art and Crafts Collection!

Thanks for Reading! :D

Latino Foods Team

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