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Colombian in New Zealand - Nelson Cuellar from Tennis Monsters

We had a fun interview with Nelson Cuellar, a Colombian Tennis Player and Coach Living in Auckland, New Zealand. Read his story:

Nelson Cuellar from Tennis Monsters Auckland
Nelson Cuellar from Tennis Monsters

Who is Nelson Cuellar?

I am from Bogota, graduated from the University of La Sabana in International Business Administration, and I played tennis in Bogota, playing national tournaments from 10 to 17 years old. I arrived in New Zealand after graduating from college at 23. I came to study English with a 4-month visa and with a lot of work I managed to stay longer working in a cafe, at the same time teaching tennis and working as a bartender in a bar. Sometimes I had to work 90 hours a week!. But all that effort and hard work always pays off!. I founded my company 6 years ago, following my passion for Tennis and helping people learn this beautiful sport.

Tennis Auckland Club Coach of the Year
2017-18 Tennis Auckland Club Coach of the Year

How long have you lived in New Zealand and what brought you to this country?

I live in New Zealand 9 and a half years ago, initially I only came to do an MBA but for reasons of life I decided to create my company instead of starting the master's degree.

What do you do in New Zealand?

I currently own Tennis Monsters, and we have tennis schools in 6 different clubs. We teach from beginners of any age to high-performance players. Currently, 80% of coaches we have are South American, in my team we have 4 Colombians! :) 

Tennis Monsters Club Auckland

What is the Colombian food that you miss most?

The ajiaco is my favorite food!, I could live my whole life eating ajiaco every day!

(See here one fo the main ingredientes for Colmbian Ajiaco Soup, Guascas: )

What snack of the Colombian Store is the one you like the most?

The product of the Colombian Store that I like the most is the Cocossette, yum !!  

Where to contact you if someone is interested on Tennis?

If you are interested in learning, practicing or teaching Tennis in New Zealand, you can contact Nelson Cuellar: 0210499671.

Visit for more information.

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