Colombian in New Zealand - Tierra Viva - Colombian Dance Group

The traditional Colombian folk dance group is a project that was born in February 2018. The objective of the group is to create a space where the community can actively participate in Colombian folk dance, to give people exposure to the country’s cultural roots and represent the Colombian culture abroad through dance and music.

Tierra Viva Dance Group

In what events have been presented?

The group is based in Auckland and has had the pleasure of participating in different cultural festivals around the city such as the Auckland International Festival that takes place in the month of April, Taiwanese Festival Day and others outside the city as The Spring Festival that takes place in Hamilton for the month of September.

The group travels from north to south performing some of the most representative rhythms from Colombia. Most of these rhythms come from the cultural mix between the indigenous, Afro-descendants and Spaniards.

Can anyone join?

The group currently has approximately 8 members from different nationalities such as Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and Russia. So yes, you don't need to be Colombian to be part of our group.

When and how can I join Tierra viva?

Tierra Viva rehearses every Monday from 7 to 9 pm at Massey Community Hub 385 Don Buck Road, Massey. Depending on the commitments that we may have, we rehearse an extra day when there is a performance coming up. For those interested in participating, no experience is required, only the willingness to learn and commit.

Contact Info:

Facebook Fan Page: Colombian Dance Group Auckland Managers: Diana Prieto & Julian Lopez

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