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The best Latino Radio Show in New Zealand!

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Hola Latino started with the idea of having a Latino space on the radio, where the Latino community can listen to their music and where the Kiwi community can learn more about the South American culture and today we are showing you a little about this amazing program!

The best Latino Radio Show in New Zealand

What's the story behind Hola Latino?

Nico was 15 years old when he started Hola Latino, along with Jimmy and his entire family. They have been on the show for more than 3 and a half years now. They are a friendly program that tries to reach the community in a friendly way as well as trying to raise environmental awareness.

They have different segments that include fun facts, interviews, "a day like today", "somewhere in New Zealand", the eco-capsule (green box) and more!
Hola Latino NZ Radio Show in New Zealand

Who's behind this amazing project?

Nico and Jimmy are the hosts of the show. Behind the scenes, they have Aly and Monse. They all help to do the show, find the news, information, guests, etc. They have been in New Zealand as a family for 5 years. For them, It was interesting to see that the Latino culture in New Zealand and especially in Christchurch was smaller and there weren't a lot of Latin events.

Every time they heard someone speak in Spanish it was wonderful. After all, when we leave our countries to live elsewhere, we stop being Chileans, Argentines, etc. We become Latino. All the people who speak your language are like family.

What does their future hold?

Their future projects are to continue growing as a radio show, to have more followers and be able to help more people to get to know the Latin culture. They want to continue providing support and making our Latino culture known throughout the world, thanks to their LIVE stream on Facebook, where many people also follow them from all around the world.

They have been nominated to the NZLA (New Zealand Latin Awards) every year, and the first year they won "best Latin radio show". They have met many people from the New Zealand Latino community, artists, business owners, professionals, travellers, etc. They all have a story to tell.

Latin in New Zealand

You can find them as:

@NZHolaLatino on Facebook

@HolaLatinoNZ on Instagram

And on Spotify Here!

Thanks for Reading! :D

Latino Foods Team

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