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Juan Valdez Café - Iconic Colombian Coffee

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

One of the only brands in the world controlled by the coffee growers themselves, Juan Valdez Café is an iconic Colombian coffee brand. With more than 300 outlets across 22 countries, they’ve come a long way in 50 years.

Juan Valdez Café was created by over 500,000 small farmers as a national brand for Colombian coffee. Promoting fair trade, they ensure each farmer is paid well for their high-quality beans and are committed to sustainable farming and trade. A core belief is that a purchase should directly benefit the coffee grower.

Juan Valdez cafe en nueva zelanda

The brand’s goal is to keep alive every community’s traditions. Instead of working to make a cheap product, they focus on the quality, authenticity, and tradition in every bag of Colombian-grown coffee beans.

Juan Valdez Café was named after a fictional character of the same name. From 1958, he appeared in advertisements by the not-for-profit organization National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. With his mule Conchita and sacks of harvested coffee beans, he represents each of the 500,000 Colombian farmers who control the organization.

Juan Valdez coffee in new zealand

Colombia is a land with many different geographic regions, so it makes sense that there is a variety of Colombian coffee. From smooth and sweet Nariño beans grown in the country’s cloud forests, to the intense and chocolatey beans of the Sierra Nevada mountain, there’s plenty of flavors for you to try.

When is Coffee's International Day?

If you are looking to celebrate the awesomeness of coffee, you may want to mark October 1st as your favorite holiday because of the 2015's announcement of International Coffee Organization of this day as the official day to promote and celebrate coffee as a beverage, with events in different parts of the world. This day is also used to promote fair trade coffee and to raise awareness about the situation of the coffee community.

Do you want to try it?

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Sarah Albom

New Zealand

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